FIA Today Paper

19-12-2021 FIA Test

  1. Where is Tarbella Dam located?
    Ans, KPK
  2. Who is the current Governor of Gilgit Baltistan?
    Ans, Raja Jalal Hussain Maqpoon
  3. When did Quaid E Azam Join Muslime League?
    Ans, 1913
  4. Which Second player of Pakistan Has the highest ODI (one-day Inning) runs?
    Ans, Muhammad Hafeez
  5. Which International organization got Noble Prize in 2012?
    Ans, UNO
    6, ALU stands for? Ans, Arithmetic, and Logical Unit
  6. PROM stands for? Ans, Programmable Read-Only Memory
  7. The Tashkent agreement Signed Between Pakistan and India on? Ans, 10 January 1966

10, where headquarter of Interpol is located?

Ans, Loyn-France

  1. Synonym