Daily Dawn Newspaper English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning November 27, 2020
Caution (verb) ہوشیاری، انتباہ، چوکسی
say something as a warning.
Example: “the Chancellor cautioned that economic uncertainties remained”
Synonyms: advice, warn, recommend, counsel, urge, admonish, exhort
Antonyms: incaution, recklessness

Deplete (verb) خرچ کر دینا ، استعمال کرنا
use up the supply or resources of.
Example: “reservoirs have been depleted by years of drought”
Synonyms: exhaust, use up, consume, expend, spend, drain, empty, sap, milk, suck dry
Antonyms: augment, increase

Fudge (verb) پیوند لگانا، دھوکہ دینا
present or deal with (something) in a vague or inadequate way, especially so as

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570/571 Born on 12 Rabi-ul-Awwal.

576 Demise of Hazrat Bibi Aamina.

578 Demise of Hazrat Abdul Muttalib.

582 Makes journey to Syria. Meets Buhaira who forecasts Rasulullah forthcoming prophethood.

593 Rebuilding of the Ka’ba and placing of the Hajre Aswad

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