Early History of Islam Book in PDF and EPUB

Download now the Book of Early History of Islam. It is a collection by PAKMCQS PK. This book is provided in Both Formats in PDF and EPUB.

EPUB version of the book is mostly for iOS users who are unable to read and download PDFs on their devices.

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Download Early History of Islam in EPUB for iOS Devices.
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Download now FIA mcqs in PDF now, It’s like an FIA Capsule of 2021. These FIA notes are collected by Waseem Ak as mentioned on the notes his name. It helps to cover all the FIA jobs contents and help to get good marks in FIA tests.

Some of the most related Queries are solved with in this PDF. Also, it covers PMS, PPSC, FPSC Tests.

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A collection of MCQs for FIA CTSP jobs 2021 in PDF.

The MCQs including general knowledge, mathematics, English, computer, current affairs, Pakistan affairs, international affairs.

Computer and Mathematics MCQS categorized links are given at the end of the file.

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Download Now June 2021 World Times in PDF

Download Now Jahangir’s world times June 2021 in PDF format to improve your knowledge and get up-to-date with current affairs and general Knowledge about Pakistan and International.

“Jahangir’s World Times (JWT)” contains different subjects and points running from Interviews of Top Position-holders, Essays, Expansion of Ideas, Articles on Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, Important National and International News alongside MCQs, Personality Profiles, Geography of the World, General Science 81 Ability, Articles on Media, Solved Papers, Tips and Tricks for the CSS competitors and Political and Social Issues confronting the nation and the world on the loose. An uncommon consideration has been

Economics Mcqs in PDF with Answers 2021

Download now the Economics MCQs in PDF with Answers in the shape of a book.

This collection of economics MCQs from the Past Public Service Commission Exams.

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What kind of jobs you can do with an Economics Degree in your hands:

  • Professional economist careers.
  • Economics careers in banking.
  • Economics careers in accountancy.
  • Economics careers in business and financial consultancy.
  • Economics careers in the public sector.
  • Actuarial and data analysis careers in economics.
  • Alternative economics degree jobs and careers

For more you can visit this article which

CSS 2021 Papers Download in PDF

You can Download CSS 2021 papers in a single PDF file. The papers of CSS 2021 inside the PDF file are categorized.


  • Essay
  • English Page-I – Page-II
  • Islamic Studies / Comparative Religions
  • General Science Page-I – Page-II
  • Pakistan Affairs
  • Current Affairs | Part-I (Solved)


  • Accountancy & Auditing – I
  • Accountancy & Auditing – II
  • Economics – I
  • Economics – II
  • Computer Science – I
  • Computer Science – II
  • Political Science – I
  • Political Science – II
  • International Relations – I
  • International Relations – II


ALL in One PDF for Test Preparation

All in one PDF for the test preparation file having the Short Questions including General Knowledge Short Questions, Islamiat Short Questions, Pak Study Short Questions, general Ability’s Short Questions , Analytical ability short questions and many more.

These questions were collected from different exams conducted in last and previous years.

Some Short Questions are:

: How Many Agencies Are In FATA? (7)
22) : King Of Habsha’s Religion? {Armah (Najashi)}
23) : Most Developed Continent? (Europe)
24) : What Will Be Last Letter Of UTYEAB When You Arrange It? (Y)
25) : What Will Be Third Letter Alphabeticallu Arrangement in

Complete Election commission Act 2017 in PDF

Download now the complete election commission Act 2017 in PDF. This will help you with the preparation for the Election officer Job and you will collect mcqs from it.

You can also download the Election commission preparation PDF file, the recommended PDF book for test preparation, which also contains short questions. Election officer PDF.

Download Now Election commission Act 2017 in PDF.
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Election Officer PDF MCQS and past papers mcqs

Election Officer Mcqs for Preparation in PDF. You will find important Election officer PDF Mcqs which are helpful for test Election commission test preparation.

What Does Election Commission do?

The Election Commission of Pakistan is a Constitutional Department established under the Constitution of Pakistan in 1956. The duty of ECP is to conduct free, fair, and transparent elections.

Election officer Test

Election Officer Jobs in the Election Commission of Pakistan Sector conducts tests before hiring employees. This test conducts after completing the application form procedure through the official website www.ecp.gov.pk. The government held this test to check the candidate’s

Educational Psychology MCQS in PDF

Download Now the Education Psychology mcqs in PDF now. You will find these helpful mcqs of psychology for your upcoming exams and tests in 2021 and onward.

This file contains of Educational psychology MCQS which are taken from a test preparation book Treasure of Knowledge.

Note the it is not the complete book of Treasure of Knowledge in PDF its is a collection of Educational Psychology mcqs

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