ALL in One PDF for Test Preparation

All in one PDF for the test preparation file having the Short Questions including General Knowledge Short Questions, Islamiat Short Questions, Pak Study Short Questions, general Ability’s Short Questions , Analytical ability short questions and many more.

These questions were collected from different exams conducted in last and previous years.

Some Short Questions are:

: How Many Agencies Are In FATA? (7)
22) : King Of Habsha’s Religion? {Armah (Najashi)}
23) : Most Developed Continent? (Europe)
24) : What Will Be Last Letter Of UTYEAB When You Arrange It? (Y)
25) : What Will Be Third Letter Alphabeticallu Arrangement in “Management”? (G)
26) : If Yesterday Was Friday Then After Tomorrow Will Be? (Monday)
27) : How Many Months Have 31 Days In Year? (7)
28) : In A Room There Are Males And Females, If There Are 3/2 Male Then How Many Females Are In The Room When Room Contain 30 People? (10)
29) : Book Purchased In 30 Rs And Sold In 40 Rs Find The Profit In %? (33. 3%)
30) : Railway Minister? (Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad)
31) : Governer Sindh? (Imran Ismail)
32) : Lowest Point On Earth Is? (Challenger Deep)
33) : Jami ul Quran Title? (Hazrat Usman R.A)
34) : Biggest District Areawise In Pakistan? (Chagai)
35) : Who Wrote Loyal Muhammadan? (Sir Syed Ahmed Khan)
36) : China Pak Border Agreement Date? (2 March 1963)
37) : Where Pakistan Did Its Nuclear Test? (Ras Koh Hills In District Chagai)
38) : Pakistan 1200 Mile Border Length With Which Country? (Afghanistan) Confirm It
39) : Basel Is City Of? (Switzerland)
40) : Smallest Continent? (Australia)

You will find the all in one pdf file very important for FPSC exams like Election officer test and others.

Read it here or download from below:

Download All in one PDF file now
Download pakmcqs PDF BooKS

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