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Upcoming Job Election officer MCQS Quiz pakmcqs PK

The upcoming job Election Officer Mcqs Quiz for the Preparation of upcoming job test. In this Election officer MCQs Quiz preparation You will find the important and helpful mcqs as per the Election Officer jobs syllabus. Election Officer PDF materials Click Here

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Who was the first Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan?

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To a seat of national assembly a candidate shall submit an amount of__________?
A. 20k
B. 30k
C. 40k

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Where is the headquarters of the Election commission of Pakistan?

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If the victory margin between the returned candidate and runner-up candidate is less than 5% of the total votes polled or 10,000 votes, whichever is less, the Returning Officer shall recount all the votes on the request of a contesting candidate before the commencement of the consolidation of the results.

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A person appointed as Chief Election Commissioner shall held office for a
term of_______________?
A. Three years
B. Five years
C. Seven years
D. None of above

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In case of an equality of votes between two candidates, both will be declared returned candidates and each shall become a Member for half of the term of the Assembly. The candidate who will be a Member for the first half of the term will be determined by a draw of lots. In case of an equality of votes between three or more candidates, there shall be re-election in the constituency.

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Adversely affecting the interests of the candidate is mentioned in?

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Interference with the secrecy of voting is mentioned in?

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ECP may conduct pilot projects for utilization of electronic voting machines (EVMs) and biometric voters’ identification system in bye-elections in addition to the existing manual procedures for voter verification, casting and counting of votes to assess their technical efficacy, secrecy, security, and financial feasibility.

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A challenged ballot paper is issued to a voter who has been objected by the polling agent
or contesting candidate that:___________?

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Elections (Amendment) Act, 2017 was altered mistakenly which could allow:

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Who Is the Current Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan?

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Prohibition of public meetings during certain period is mentioned in?
B. Section 189
C. Section 196
D. Section 200

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Under which section of the Elections Act, 2017, the president holds the
authority to announce the date for elections in consultation with the ECP?

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Return of election expense should be given by the contesting candidates on form Within _______ Days?

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Where the election returns are submitted on form c the assets of candidates
are submitted on form_________?

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ECP may also undertake pilot projects for voting by overseas Pakistanis.

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ECP shall prepare a gender-disaggregated statement of voters showing the total number of votes cast by men and women voters at the polling station.

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Election expense of a candidate should not exceed__________For a seat of a
B. 20 lac
C. 30 lac

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Section 122 (6) of Election Act 2017 states that senate election should be held

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A person with any physical disability who is unable to travel and holds a National Identity Card with a logo for physical disability issued by the National Database and Registration Authority may be able to cast their votes now by postal ballot.

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While scrutinizing a nomination paper, the Returning Officer shall not ask any question which has no nexus to the information, supplied or received or objections raised by any person, or tangible material on record.

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If the commission fails to scrutinize the return documents of the expense then:
A. Time of scrutiny will extend for 15 days

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Commission is bound to scrutinize returns of the expenses

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Election expense should not exceed _____________ for a seat of N. A and P.
A respectively.

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3rd Gilgit-Baltistan elections held on_________?

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ECP is bound to publish the result on its website within ________ from the
day of polls?

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Election agent may request RO for recount if the winning margin

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Election Commission of Pakistan was established on:_________?

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Who Appoints the Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan?

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