FPSC Senior Auditor Test Preparation Materials

FPSC announced Jobs in different departments and one of them is the Post of Senior Adutior total number of VACANCIES=FOUR HUNDRED & SEVEN (407).

DOMICILE/ QUOTA: Merit= Thirty,
Punjab=Two hundred & Three (Open Merit=One hundred & Seventy-Three, Women quota= Twenty & Minorities/ Non-Muslims quota=Ten),

Sindh (Rural)= Forty Six (Open Merit=Forty, Women quota= Four & Minorities/ Non-Muslims quota=Two), Sindh (Urban)=Thirty Two (Open Merit=Twenty Six, Women quota= Four & Minorities/ Non-Muslims quota=Two),

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa=Forty Seven
(Open Merit=Forty, Women quota= Four & Minorities/ Non-Muslims quota=Three},

Balochistan=Twenty Five (Open Merit=Twenty Two, Women quota= Two & Minorities/ Non-Muslims quota=One),

Ex-FATA=Twelve (Open Merit=Ten, Women


Download Now FPSC Jobs 2021 advertisement in PDF. This FPSC Jobs PDF file is searchable for more easily you can search about FPSC Jobs Provinces and FPSC Jobs Names.

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How can I apply for the FPSC Jobs online?

You can visit the link to apply online for the FPSC Latest Jobs. Click here

From where I can download the FPSC challan for FPSC Jobs?

You can download the Challan from the FPSC website or Click here to download the FPSC challan form 2020. Download FPSC Challan

How many amount to be submitted for my FPSC

Useful pieces of information about Pakistan

1* “City of colleges”
Ans. Lahore
2* “Replica of the sahara”
Ans. Skardu
3* “Gateway of Pakistan”
Ans. Karachi
4* “Bab-ul-Islam”
Ans. Sindh
5* “Swaziland of Pakistan”
Ans. Swat
6* “City of Textile”
Ans. Faisalabad
7* “Valley of Flowers”
Ans. Peshawar
8* “City of Saints”
Ans. Mutan
9* which city of the world is known as ” Little Pakistan”
Ans. Bradford
10* “Land of Five rivers”
Ans. Punjab
Useful pieces of information about Pakistan

11* “Land of Hospatality”
Ans. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Quetta
12* “Pearl of Himaliya”
Ans. Kaghan
13* “City of lightning”
Ans. Karachi
14* Texila university was established


Daily Dawn Newspaper English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning November 27, 2020
Caution (verb) ہوشیاری، انتباہ، چوکسی
say something as a warning.
Example: “the Chancellor cautioned that economic uncertainties remained”
Synonyms: advice, warn, recommend, counsel, urge, admonish, exhort
Antonyms: incaution, recklessness

Deplete (verb) خرچ کر دینا ، استعمال کرنا
use up the supply or resources of.
Example: “reservoirs have been depleted by years of drought”
Synonyms: exhaust, use up, consume, expend, spend, drain, empty, sap, milk, suck dry
Antonyms: augment, increase

Fudge (verb) پیوند لگانا، دھوکہ دینا
present or deal with (something) in a vague or inadequate way, especially so as

Tehsildar / Naib Tehsildar Screening Tests PPSC Guide in PDF

Tehsildar / Naib Tehsildar Screening Test PPSC Guide in PDF. In the Tehsildar / Naib Tehsildar Guide it Includes

Most Important Questions
Questions From Previous Papers
Model Paper
General Ability Test
General Knowledge
World Geography
Pakistan Studies / Islamiyat
Everyday Science
Mathematics / Computer Science
Who is Who / Current Affairs

This guide is important for the Competitive Examination for the post of Tehsildar (B-16) and Naib Tehsildar (B-14)

Download Now in PDF

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Wren and Martin High School English Grammar and Composition Download in PDF

P.C. WREN, MA. (OXON) and H. MARTIN, M.A. (OXON), O.B.E.

Wren and Martin’s work High School English Grammar and Composition is known as the basic book to improve your skills with English Grammar.

Also, Download the Wren and Martin High School English Grammar and Composition KEY

The material in the book has been further updated where called for. It has been felt necessary in particular to revise some material in the chapters dealing with adjectives, active and passive voice, articles and prepositions. Appendix I, which deals with American English, has been expanded. Appendix

Islamic Knowledge Capsule the Complete guide in PDF

Islamic Knowledge Capsule the complete guide download free in PDF now from PAKMCQS PK. In this PDF file of Islamic Knowledge capsule the MCQS were given as per category.

A Piece of written part from this Islamic Knowledge capsule is given below.


Islamic Events occurred in AD are,
570/571 Born on 12 Rabi-ul-Awwal.

576 Demise of Hazrat Bibi Aamina.

578 Demise of Hazrat Abdul Muttalib.

582 Makes journey to Syria. Meets Buhaira who forecasts Rasulullah forthcoming prophethood.

593 Rebuilding of the Ka’ba and placing of the Hajre Aswad

World Current Affairs MCQS of August / September

World Current Affairs MCQs of the Month of August and September MCQS of 2020.


Which Muslim leader was declared “Man of the Year” by the Muslim 500?

A. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
B. Imran Khan
C. Mahathir bin Mohamad
D. None of them

Recently, Which country discovers a large number of Natural Gas reserves on the Black Sea coast?

A. Russia
B. Turkey
C. Qatar
D. Greece

Recently Which company removed 29,800 apps from its Chinese app store, including more than 26,000 games?

A. Google
B. Apple Inc.
C. Samsung
D. Oppo

Who has won the ‘World