Download Now FPSC Jobs 2021 advertisement in PDF. This FPSC Jobs PDF file is searchable for more easily you can search about FPSC Jobs Provinces and FPSC Jobs Names.

DOWNLOAD FPSC JOBS 2021 Advertisement

How can I apply for the FPSC Jobs online?

You can visit the link to apply online for the FPSC Latest Jobs. Click here

From where I can download the FPSC challan for FPSC Jobs?

You can download the Challan from the FPSC website or Click here to download the FPSC challan form 2020. Download FPSC Challan

How many amount to be submitted for my FPSC Job?

You can pay as Scale wise like as per FPSC rules you have to pay below amount as per FPSC Job scale
The rate of fee for various posts is:-

  • BS-16 to  17 = Rs. 300/-
  • BS 18= Rs. 750/-
  • BS-19 = Rs. 1200/-
  • BS-20 and above= Rs. 1500/- 

How can I change my FPSC test center?

You can change your test center city by contacting FPSC through online platform via Email or Phone.

As per the above FPSC Jobs Advertisement No. 7/2020 Candidates are allowed to avail the facility for change of Examination Centre, only through on-line request up to 15-10-2020.

How to Fill FPSC Challan form 2020?
You can fill the FPSC Challan Form 2020 with the below pattern as a sample Image shown:

Download FPSC Challan 2020

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