FPSC Latest Jobs 2020 Advertisement

FPSC Latest Jobs 2020 Advertisement

Federal Public Service Commission – FPSC announces the latest jobs in 2020.
In the Consolidated Advertisement No., 7/2020 followings jobs are announced. and the last date to apply for FPSC jobs is

Last date to apply for FPSC jobs is 21 September 2020.

S No.FPSC Job Case NoJob TitleGenderJobs Merit / Quota
1. F.4-109/2020-R (7/2020).LECTURER (HOME ECONOMICS) (BS-17)FPunjab (Open merit) = One
2.F.4-110/2020-R ( 7/2020)System operator (BS-16)M/FPunjab (Open merit) = One
3.F.4-118/2020-R  (7/2020)PROFESSOR (BS-20) CATEGORIES: (A) ANATOMY=ONE, (B) BIOCHEMISTRY=ONE, (C) COMMUNITY MEDICINE=ONE (D) FORENSIC MEDICINE=ONE, (E) PHARMACOLOGY=ONE AND (F) PHYSIOLOGY=ONE.  AGE LIMIT: 37 M/FMerit= One,   Punjab (Open Merit) =Three   Sindh (Rural) (Open Merit) =One   Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Open Merit)=One.
4.F.4-124/2020-R  (7/2020)PROJECT  OFFICER  (BS-17) M/FMerit= One   Punjab (Open merit) = One
5.F.4-125/2020-R (7/2020)ASSISTANT ARCHITECT (BS-17) M/FPunjab (Women quota) = One   AJK (Open Merit) = One. 
6.F.4-130/2020-R (7/2020)LIBRARIAN (BS-16) M/FOne Punjab (Open Merit).  
7.F.4-131/2020-R  (7/2020)INSPECTOR  CUSTOMS/  INTELLIGENCE  OFFICER M/FMerit =Four,   Punjab = Thirty-One (Open merit=Twenty-Seven, Women quota=Two and Minorities/Non-Muslims quota=Two),   Sindh(Rural)=Seven (Open merit=Six and Minorities/ Non-Muslims quota=One),   Sindh(Urban)=Five (Open merit=Four and Women quota=One),   Khyber Pakhtunkhwa=Seven(Open merit=Six and Minorities/Non-Muslims quota=One),   Balochistan=Four(Open merit=Three and Women quota=One),   EX-FATA= Two (Open merit=One and Women quota= One)   AJK=Two (Open merit= One and Minorities/ Non-Muslims quota= One). 
8.F.4-132/2020-R (7/2020)ASSOCIATE  PROFESSOR  (BS-19) M/FThree (Open merit= Two and Women quota= One),   Sindh(Rural) (Open Merit) =One    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Open Merit) =One. 
9.F.4-133/2020-R  (7/2020)ASSISTANT  DIRECTOR  (BS-17) M/FPunjab (Open Merit) = One   Balochistan (Open Merit)= One.
10.F.4-134/2020-R  (7/2020)DENTAL  SURGEON  (BS-17) M/FPunjab (Open merit) = One
11.F.4-135/2020-R  (7/2020)CERTIFIED  ORTHOTIST  (BS-17) M/FPunjab (Open merit) = One
12.F.4-136/2020-R  (7/2020)PRINCIPAL  TECHNICIAN  (BIO  TECHNOLOGY)  (BS-17) M/FPunjab (Open merit) = One
13.F.4-137/2020-R (7/2020)PHARMACIST  (BS-17) M/FPunjab (Open merit) = One
14.F.4-138/2020-R (7/2020)STATISTICAL  OFFICER  (BS-17) M/FSindh (Rural) (Open Merit) = One
15.F.4-139/2020-R  (7/2020)HEAD  NURSE  (BS-17) M/FPunjab (Open Merit) = One   Sindh (Rural) (Open Merit) = One
16.F.4-140/2020-R  (7/2020)DEPUTY  DIRECTOR  (TRAINING) (BS-18) M/FPunjab (Open merit) = One
17.F.4-141/2020-R (7/2020)DIRECTOR (BS-19) M/FPunjab (Open merit) = One
18.F.4-142/2020-R (7/2020)DEPUTY  DIRECTOR (REVIEWERS) (BS-18) M/FPunjab (Open merit) = One
19.F.4-143/2020-R  (7/2020)CHIEF  DOCUMENTATION  OFFICER  (BS-19) M/FSindh(Rural) (Open Merit) = One
20.F.4-144/2020-R  (7/2020)DEPUTY  DIRECTOR  (URDU  STENOGRAPHY) (BS-18) M/FPunjab (Open merit) = One
21.F.4-145/2020-R (7/2020)JUNIOR CIVILIAN SECURITY OFFICER (JCSO)  (BS-16) M/FPunjab (Minorities/Non-Muslims quota) = one
22.F.4-146/2020-R  (7/2020)MEDICAL  OFFICER  (BS-17) M/FPunjab = Six  (Open merit =Four,  Women quota=One and Minorities/ Non- Muslims quota= One),    Sindh(Rural)  (Open merit)=One,    Sindh(Urban)=Two (Open merit= One and Women quota=One),   Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Open Merit)=Two   Balochistan (Open Merit)=One.
23.F.4-147/2020-R  (7/2020)DISTRICT  ATTORNEY  (BS-18) M/FGilgit Baltistan (Open Merit) = Three
24.F.4-148/2020-R  (7/2020)CHIEF  CARDIAC  PERFUSIONIST    (BS-19) M/FPunjab (Open merit) = One
25.F.4-149/2020-R  (7/2020)OFFICER  INCHARGE  LAUNDRY  (BS-17) M/FPunjab (Open merit) = One
26.F.4-150/2020-R  (7/2020)MANAGER  FOOD  SERVICES  (BS-18) M/FPunjab (Open merit) = One
27.F.4-151/2020-R  (7/2020)MANAGER  FINANCE  (BS-18) M/FPunjab (Open merit) = One
28.F.4-152/2020-R (7/2020)LIBRARIAN  (BS-18) M/FPunjab (Open merit) = One
29.F.4-153/2020-R  (7/2020)AUDIO  VISUAL  CONSULTANT  (BS-18) M/FPunjab (Open merit) = One
30.F.4-154/2020-R  (7/2020)QUALITY  MANAGEMENT  REPRESENTATIVE  (BS-18) M/FPunjab (Open merit) = One
31.F.4-155/2020-R  (7/2020)DOCUMENT  CONTROL  OFFICER  (BS-16) M/FPunjab (Open merit) = One
32.F.4-156/2020-R (7/2020)CIVILIAN WORKSHOP SUPERVISOR (CWS) BIOMEDICAL (BS-16) M/FPunjab (Open merit) = One   Sindh (Rural) (Open Merit)= One
33.F.4-157/2020-R  (7/2020)SECRETARY  INTENSIVE  CARE  (ITC  DEPARTMENT)     (BS-16) M/FPunjab (Open merit) = One   Sindh (Rural) (Open Merit)= One
34.F.4-158/2020-R  (7/2020)ASSISTANT  MANAGER  MARKETING  (BS-17) M/FPunjab (Open merit) = One   Sindh (Rural) (Open Merit)= One
35.F.4-159/2020-R  (7/2020)PHYSICIST/  RADIATION  PROTECTION  OFFICER (BS-16) M/FPunjab (Open merit) = One
36.F.4-160/2020-R  (7/2020)CLINICAL  DIETITIAN  (BS-17) M/FPunjab (Open merit) = One
37.F.4-161/2020-R (7/2020)STATISTICAL OFFICER (BS-17) M/FPunjab (Open Merit) = Three,   Sindh (Rural) (Open Merit) = One    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Open Merit)= One
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You can download the above advertisement table in PDF:
FPSC Latest JOBS 2020

If a password needed for PDF then enter: pakmcqs.com.pk

How can I apply for the FPSC Jobs online?

You can visit the link to apply online for the FPSC Latest Jobs. Click here

From where I can download the FPSC challan for FPSC Jobs?

You can download the Challan from the FPSC website or Click here to download FPSC challan form 2020. Download FPSC Challan

How many amount to be submitted for my FPSC Job?

You can pay as Scale wise like as per FPSC rules you have to pay below amount as per FPSC Job scale
The rate of fee for various posts is:-

  • BS-16 to  17 = Rs. 300/-
  • BS 18= Rs. 750/-
  • BS-19 = Rs. 1200/-
  • BS-20 and above= Rs. 1500/- 

How can I change my FPSC test center?

You can change your test center city by contacting FPSC through online platform via Email or Phone.

As per the above FPSC Jobs Advertisement No. 7/2020 Candidates are allowed to avail the facility for change of Examination Centre, only through on-line request up to 15-10-2020.

How to Fill FPSC Challan form 2020?
You can fill the FPSC Challan Form 2020 with the below pattern as a sample Image shown:

Download FPSC Challan 2020

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