Ministry OF Defence Quiz-1

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Ministry OF Defence Quiz-1

Ministry of Defence Quiz Part-1. Included Mathematics, General Knowledge and all other random questions about Ministry of defence related and repeated MCQS.

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Recently Pakistan refused a request by________to allow its President to use Pakistani airspace for his flight to Iceland?

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Extension given to COAS Gen Qamar javed Bajwa due to____________?

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Water has been discovered on which potentially habitable super-Earth ?

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A 30-ounce solution is 25% alcohol. If 60-ounces of water are added to it what percent of the new solution is alcohol?

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(8/Z)+(6/Z) x (40/Z) =? If Z=2

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When Indian moon mission Chandrayaan-2 failed, at around 2.1 kilometers over from landing lost communication and crashed?

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which number will complete the following number series? 3,6,15,__,123,366

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Who is the Current Federal Minister of Inter Provincial Coordination?

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In decreasing price of a motor bike by 10% number of bikes sold is increased by 10%. What is the change in overall sales?

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Which number will come next? 1,2,5,12,27,58,__

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