Anti Narcotics Force 2020 Job Syllabus and preparation Materials

Assistant________:03 Posts
Sub Inspector____:28 Posts
Sub Inspector(Hardware):01 Post
Stenotypist________:02 Posts
Data Entry Operator_:02 Posts
Photographer______:01 Post
UDC:04 Posts
ASI_________________:38 Posts
LDC________________:13 Posts
Networking Operator_:01 Posts
Constable____________:233 Posts
Constable Drivers_____:50 Posts
Constable Operator____:05 Posts
Constable Dog Attendant_:07 Posts
Driver____________________:08 Posts
Naib Qasid_______________:07 Posts
Urdali_____________________:02 Posts
Waiter_____________________:01 Post
Cook_______________________:04 Posts
Sweeper____________________:06 Posts

Education: Matric,FA, Graduation
Age____________18 to 30
Last date_______14 December
Chaln fees______350 rupees

Syllabus (Assistant Director (BS-17), Anti Narcotics Force

Ministry of Narcotics Control

Paper Pattern : Objective Type Test (MCQ)=100 Marks


English = 20 Marks

Part-I Vocabulary, Grammar usage, Sentence Structure.


Professional Test=80 Marks

Investigation Chapter of Criminal

Pakistan Current Affairs 2020 MCQS and Quiz

Hey, Welcome to this post of this blog PAKMCQSPK. In this post, we have collected Pakistan Current affairs 2020 MCQS for the month of September and August.

The most highlighted Pakistan current affairs 2020 are the part of every FPSC, PPSC, BPSC, SPSC, KPPSC tests, and exams. Pakistan’s current affairs of August and September if there are any MCQs which is not fully updated let us know through your comments on this post of Pakistan Current Affairs 2020 MCQs.

Also there is a Quiz for Pakistan current affairs 2020 mcqs at the end of the post.

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FPSC Patrol Officer Collected MCQs from Past papers Part -1

FPSC Patrol Officer MCQs (Batch-I):

______ of fire, many more buildings were destroyed than the earthquake itself had damaged.
(A) Consequence
(B) Consequently
(C) Consequences
(D) as a consequence

All right, Johnny, It’s time you________to bed.
(A) went
(B) would go
(C) will be going
(D) going to go

Majid _____ hasn’t repaired his bicycle tire.
(A) yet
(B) soon
(C) Still
(D) already

A chemist prepares his experiments carefully before trying to carry ______ in his laboratory.
(A) it out
(B) out it
(C) them out
(D) out them

Here in today’s paper, it says the zoo has just obtained ______  animal

Judiciary and Law MCQs Quiz 2020 Part 1

Judiciary and Law MCQs Quiz 2020 part 1.

There are total of 30 number of Questions is this Judiciary and Law MCQs Quiz.

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Judiciary and Law MCQS Part-1

Judiciary and Law MCQs Quiz for CTSP Tests, NTS Tests, PTS Tests, FTS Tests, ETS Tests, FPSC Tests, BPSC Tests and all other MCQs tests for Law related exams. Also including Pakistan Constitutional MCQs.

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Additional Session Judge enjoys ________ powers with Session Judge ?

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World Current Affairs MCQs Quiz 2020. In the World Current Affairs MCQs Quiz 2020 It includes the most current issues about Sport, Health, Politics, and Much more of World Current affairs MCQs quiz 2020.

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Leo Varadkar, who recently tendered his resignation, was the PM of which country ? A. B.C. D. None of these

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AIBA_Boxing World Cup 2020 to be held in__________?

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General Knowledge Online Quiz Part 4

General Knowledge Online Quiz Part 4 Including World General Knowledge and Pakistan General Knowledge Quiz


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Jare Ijalana, a girl from _________ is dubbed as the “Most beautiful girl in the world”?

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The headquarter of Human Rights Watch (HRW) is located in_____________?

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Who is the National Artist of Pakistan?

Download 100 Important Idioms in PDF

Download 100 Important Idioms English ( Precis and Composition). English important Idioms for CSS, PCS, PPSC, BPSC, FPSC, SPSC, KPPSC also the important idioms will help for test preparation in NTS, CTSP, PTS, BTS, UTS, FPSC, Federal Tests, Provisional Tests, Departmental tests and all others.

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