Ministry Of Defence Quiz Part 2

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Ministry Of Defence Quiz Part-2

Ministry of Defence Quiz Part-2. In this Quiz all 20 Questions are from Mathematics and Numerical perspectives including average and Age problems questions in this quiz.

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The average age of a class of 60 boys which is 11.9 years is raised to 12 years by coming of a new boy the age of the new boy is:

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The sum of the ages of two children is 12 and their product is 32. The age of elder one is:

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The difference between the ages of two brothers is 2 and the difference of the squares of their ages is 16. The age of smaller one is?

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20 years ago your age was 1/3 of what it is now what is your present age?

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The average weight of 20 students in a class is decreased by 500 grams when one of the students who weights 40 kg is replaced by a new boy. The weight of the new boy is:

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The average attendance per week of a class of 21 during a week is 5. If the average attendance per week of 20 of them during the week is 5.1 then the attendance of the last one during the week will be:

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A father is 3 years older than 3 times the age of his son. If the sum of their ages is 31 years how old was father 3 years ago?

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The ages of C and D are in 6:11 and E is 6 years younger than D. If the sum of ages is 134 then what is the age of D?

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In 1975 A was thrice as old as B but in 1979 A was only twice as old as B was. How old was A in 1985?

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A shopkeeper bought 5 dozens of eggs in 50 rupees 84 eggs in 70 rupees and 3 dozen in 30 rupees the average rate of one dozen will be:

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Tina is twice as old as DaviD. 15 years ago Tina’s age was 5 times the age of David. What is the present age of Tina?

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The average of goals scored for a match before final is 5. After the final this average is decreased by 0.2. If 10 matches are played throughout the tournament then the goals scored in final are:

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The average height of a class of 25 students is 4.4 feet. A student of height 5.7 feet is newly enrolled. Find the new average.

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Bills age is 1/3 of mikes age who is 60% of James age. Torm is twice as old as Mike. What is the ratio of Bills age to Toms age?

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A team won 5 matches with the average margin of 32 runs. In the next two matches, they are defeated by an average of 10 runs. The average margin for all the matches will be :

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There were 40 members in a certain hostel. If 10 members are more admitted the expenses of the mess was increased by Rs. 50 per month while the average expenditure per head diminished by Rs.3. The original monthly expenses are:

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In a survey the average age was found to be 40 years. After correction the age of 100 people is increased from 35 to 50 years each. The new average is 50 years. The total number of people surveyed are:

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Let X be the median and Y the mode of the following set of numbers: 15 60 30 40 60 90. What is the average (arithmetic mean) of X and Y?

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A father is 3 years older than 3 times the age of his son. If the sum of their ages is 31 years how old was father 3 years ago?

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X is 4 times as old as y. 4 years ago X was 10 times as old as Y. What will be the ratio of their ages 6 years hence?

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